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May 8, 2011
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The Legend of DEEPEST DARKNESS by Armando-Huerta The Legend of DEEPEST DARKNESS by Armando-Huerta
Once upon a time, there was a small town of fishermen, away from the civilization. One of the most popular fisherman among them was a young tall and handsome guy. Irresistible to most all the pretty girls in town, which he uses as pastimes after the long trips to the sea. He was an excellent fisherman...after all.

Also in that town, there was a pretty girl, who was born unable to walk. Her name was Atlania. She loves the sea. Every day she wanted to be next to the sea in her wheelchair so she can feel the fresh breeze created by the waves, the sunsets and the reflection of the moon on it. Regardless her impediments, she learned how to swim in the sea. She enjoyed the freedom that was denied to her in the land. She loves the sea more than anything...and the Sea loves her back, madly.

Unfortunately for her, she was unable to resit the charms of the most popular fisherman in town. He promise her the Moon and the Stars over the Seven Seas. She fell in love, innocently. He just played his game on her. For him she was just another girl, another drunken night, another one night stand.

The next day she saw him making it with another girl. They laughed at her, they laughed at her innocence, they laughed at her wheel chair and finally laughed at her legs. She couldn't not take their cruelty.

With her heart broken and her eyes blinded by tears, she took her wheel chair high in a cliff next to the sea and jump. She jumped into the sea, the only thing that she really loved in her life, willing to give her life to it and drawn her pain with herself. Her body fell deep into the darkness of the mighty sea.

But the Sea did not kill her. Because the Sea loved her, madly. Instead, the Sea gave her all that he have. Freedom, beauty,immortality, strength, power. He transform her body into the most beautiful living thing in the Seven Seas and the Sea gave her everything in all of them. She became a Queen, the Sea's wife. And they loved each other, plenty.

One day, all fishermen of that small town, including the best among them, took their boats into the sea, in the hunt of a big white aberration of nature that was terrorizing the coast. There was a big reward for it, after all.

Deep into the sea, a storm surrounded their boats. They got lost, dealing with monstrous waves. Suddenly they heard a voice, singing. Singing the most beautiful song that they ever heard. Suddenly calm broke down and they saw that handsome fisherman, who was the best among them, walking like a dead man, hypnotized, to the end of his boat bow and falling into the sea. A few moments later, all the other fishermen saw a column of water coming out from the surface and on top of it the most beautiful mermaid, embracing that handsome fisherman who laughed at that poor girl and her wheelchair. She was holding him like a child and ripping his throat with her teeth. None of the fishermen could move until she finishing eating the man, alive. They heard him suffering and saw him crying a slow death.

Right after, she disappear in the ocean and the storm resume with fury and wrath over the boats of the fishermen. In a short time all their boats were destroyed. Drowning, they could still hear that lovely voice, singing. Right after all of them were devoured by tens of white sharks. Only the oldest of the fishermen survived, throwed to the sore of that small town of fishermen. He told the story. A few days later, that small town turn into a small ghost town, banished in time.

But, it didn't ended there.

Several reports of missing ships, boats and men, who dare to intrude into the far regions of the sea, soared the coasts of the Seven Seas. It was always the same pattern: a storm, some delirious visions of a beautiful mermaid, blood, sharks, death.

The fishermen where scared of the 'Witch of the Seven Seas'. They said her beauty is irresistible and deadly.

Those unfortunate survivors, told the story before died. Most of them cared the marks of her teeth, claws or stings. Her poison was all over them, making their hearts explode but keeping their brain alive for a long period, so they can feel the pain. A painful death like no other.

Amazingly, there where some who made profit of all this. Shamans, witches and merchants learned the way to extract the venom of the 'Queen of the Seven Seas'. They took it out of those unfortunate survivors, even out of their remains washed in the beaches.

The Venom, in high doses, will kill the strongest men on earth. But women are immune. And this is the sick part. Small doses, very small doses of the Venom from 'Queen of the Seven Seas' will turn any man into a slave of the first woman that they see, after the Venom hit his blood current. Once that happens, death is inevitable for the male. But. Any woman can use it, with discretion, to turn any man they want, into a slave. Those women can use those males as lovers, to have children, like mules to carry weights, or just for pure fun humiliate them in public. Some women unable to find a husband found a way to get a family with any man they like. The downside is , the man will not last. Some men survived hours, days and even years, depending of how big their hearts were. But death is inevitable. However, contrary of those who died in the violence of a storm, they die in a state of ecstasy, in calm, with a smile on their faces.

Enough said, the distribution of this Venom is illegal. Some countries did not even take it seriously, but the laws are there. Those who take it seriously put a high price tag on it, after all, is hard to get.

They name it 'Deepest Darkness'.

Acrylic on board. No digital mediums where used.

Commissioned for TATTOO SAVAGE Magazine!

This is a HQP (High Quality Production) done by the DLOP (Dark Lord Of Pin-Up).

Made in the USA.

Concept and Story: Armando Huerta.

Featuring : Nicotine Desire as Deepest Darkness.

Photography : Armando Huerta AKA The Dark Lord of Pin-Up.

Location: The DLOP Studios at Huntington Beach CA.

Original Soundtrack:

- Candyman. Siouxie and the Banshees.
- The Sweetest Child. Siouxie and the Banshees.
- Mondlicht. Xmal Deutschland.
- The Passion of Lovers. Bauhaus.
- She's lost Control. Joy Division.
- The Quarterdrawing of the dog. Siouxie and the Banshees.
- An Execution. Siouxie and the Banshees.
- You Must Be Certain Of The Devil. Diamanda Galas.
- Wrapped around your finger. The Police.
- Museum of Sleep. Chris & Cosey.
- Xepha. Aphex Twin.
- Love Her Madly. The Doors.

Model : Nicotine
Deviant Art address: :iconnicotinedesire:
Nicotine's Websites: [link] [link]

Thanks for your comments.


Artwork is Copyright 2011 Armando Huerta. Trademarks property of Armando Huerta

*All materials contained in my deviantART gallery may not be reproduced, copied, tubed, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way .
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Her webbed fingers look amazing!! I love it when lovely pin-up mermaids such as this incorporate some aquatic features in their upper bodies, too...and fingerwebbing just looks so cool on these aquatic beauties!!
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I'm going fishing... Perfect !
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Thank you very much. I give all the credit to the model :heart:
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