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July 1, 2012
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I'm returning to San Diego Comic Con with two of my most beautiful and legendary models, who are actually some of closest and loyal friends .

From Las Vegas Nevada, United States of America: ANDI LYN!!!!! :hooray::heart:

From Quebec Canada, The one and only: JENNY POUSSIN!!!!! :faint::heart:

and of course me :D From Mexico City (The Most Dangerous City in The World TM) The Irreverent Provocateur, World's most Dangerous Pin-Up Artist ALIVE AND KICKING, The Master of Disaster, The Pope of Erotic Art, Optimus Prime-Time of the Pencil and Airbrush, Non Plus Ultra with Macabre Techniques, The Jesus Christ of Porn, The Messiah of Pigdom Come, The Devil Avenger, The Machinery of Joy, The Minister of Doom, The Dancing Destroyer, The Ambassador of Lust, The Deputy of Love, The Ultimate Seduction, The One and Only King Of Rock'N Roll and STILL Ruler of the Galaxy ladies and gentlemen The Greatest Show In The World in a few words... The Dark Lord Of Pin-Up!

At your service :bow:

SDCC 2012. A comeback story.

Two years in the making.

I'm telling this story, so you can learn from my mistakes. Specially to those young artist around the world. To spare you from making the same mistakes, as I did.

It started when John Roach the owner of Pinup World Art, the "company" that used to sponsor me, got drunk and we get into a fight in the middle of SDCC 2010. And he got the brilliant idea to kick me out of the show. Indeed was a brilliant idea.

I was confused and into several problems as consequence off this. Not to mention that I lost a lot of money that I got invested. Lucky for me I had a Plan B. A Plan C and even a Plan D. I saw that coming and honestly I was tired of dealing with them, for the last 3 years. I even saw their stupid wedding video more than 2 times, yeah that bad.

And to be honest, I was tired of dealing with managers and shit.. for the last 13 years.

Enough is enough. I know my business. I know the needs of my fans. I know how to sell. I can barely speak English but I can close more deals than anybody else.

Because what I sell, it sells itself. It's good shit.

I don't need any monkey pretending to be my manager and charging a % of my money for doing absolutely nothing.

I needed to make my transition.

So I was there in 2010 with a lot of big problems ahead of me. And I remembered Obi-Wan. When he was about to duel with Grievous. 4 arms rotating with lightsabers seems like a lot of problems. The key is to chop one arm at a time.

So I did. One problem at a time.

But the game changer was definitely the support of absolutely every single person that know me and know my work. They saw "that" coming too. And all of them told me the same: You don't need them. And I'm talking about real talented people, people that I respect a lot, powerful people.

Without their help I wouldn't be here today. America loves me and acknowledge my special abilities and gave me permission to do my best in this land.

I'm lucky. I always have luck when I really need it. It is actually scary because one day I may run out of luck. But not today.

It is really hard to get a booth in Comic Con and even harder to be in the spot that I'm, next to magnificent Artist such as Olivia . But then again, I'm lucky. I know someone is taking care of me from above or beneath LOL, even when I don't believe on either of them.

It's all about my Art. My Art speaks for me. It moves by itself, feels, loves and hates. And sometimes even destroy the life of those who mess with it. I saw it over and over, is something that I don't have control of it. My last manager said my art is just paintings hanging on a wall. What a stupid idiot.

Pinup World Art owners are so pissed that I printed a New Book . They throw a mayor tantrum with my printer because I printed my New Book . Their tantrum even surprised me, after almost a little more that a year of mutual agreement of "cease of fire". Which actually makes me so happy beyond belief. Because I LOVE WAR. I didn't expected that. That tantrum makes me think that they are desperate. I know the numbers (the red numbers). I was working with them and we weren't doing well, even when I was there.

But my New Book is doing way out better that I was expecting. I had sold more books in just 2 weeks than any other book that ever printed. I was about to quit the idea of printing this book. But the support of my fans is overwhelming . In two weeks they paid the cost of printing this book. My Fans are the most awesome and loyal persons that I know and I know MANY in person, I'm lucky, I'm blessed. For the first time in my life I did a Book without someone to tell me how to do it ,what to put on it or not. This book is wild, aggressive, arrogant, me ;)

You can't block out the sun with just one finger.

I'm returning to San Diego Comic Con and I know Pinup World Art hate it and they hate my New Book and they hate my Banners and they hate my baby, YOU DON'T HATE THE BABY ! :lol:. They even made threats to my persona, but I'm not afraid.

On his drunkenness, John Roach owner of Pinup World Art, put his jaw on front of me and said "c'mon hit me!", I knew he was drunk so I did nothing, but I said to myself "Dude, one day, I'm gonna hit you with something that would really hurt you".

Success is the best revenge.

Now, I'm gonna tell you something, I'm not a saint. I'm actually very twisted. But I still believe a good cause justify any means. One day I'm gonna die but my paintings will stay. That's a good cause. In many ways I used pinup world art for the benefit of my Art, after that I saw how double face they are. Sometimes people looks nice. Wolfs with sheepskin.

If you are a young Artist think in all of this and don't make the same mistakes, as I did

There will come a time in your life when you will ask yourself a series of questions.
Am I happy with who I am?
Am I happy with the people around me?
Am I happy with what I'm doing?
Am I happy with the way my life is going?
Do I have a life or am I just living?
Do not let these questions strain or trouble you just point yourself in the direction of your dreams find your strength in your Art and make your transition.

Do not spend to much time thinking and not enough doing.
Did I try the hardest at any of my dreams?
Did I purposely let others discourage me when I knew I could?
Will I die never knowing what I could have been or could of done?
Do not let these doubts restrain of trouble you just point yourself in the direction of your dreams.
Find your strength in your Art and make your transition.

There will be people who say you can't - you will.
There will be people who say you don't mix this with that and you will say "watch me".
There will be people who will say play it safe, that's too risky - you will take that chance and have no fear.
You wont let these questions restrain or trouble you.
You will point yourself in the direction of your dreams.
You will find the strength in your Art and make your transition.

To you my Fans, I promise you this would be my best show EVER! And it wouldn't be possible without you.

To John Roach, Nicole Brune aka pinup Nicole or whatever and company, I have just a few things to say before San Diego Comic Con: [link]

My name is Armando Huerta, Pin-Up Artist. More than 20 years as a Pin-Up Artist. More than 6 Large format Books Printed around the World. More than 390 paintings done. Probably a couple of thousands of drawings and sketches done.

And I'm just starting my career as a Pin-Up Artist.

My Best Art is Yet To Come.

This is a comeback story.

Booth #5553. The Fun Booth.

Photography : Armando Huerta, Justice Howard, Jean Luc Montagut.
Digital Design and shit: Armando Huerta.

Artwork is Copyright 2012 Armando Huerta.
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